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Welcome to Obsidian Rising, LLC

Your first stop for Transportation, Property Management, Mobile Notary and much more!
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Building Successful Businesses within our communities

Obsidian Rising, LLC is a limited liability company offering a variety of services that economically empower individuals and families from maligned communities.

Our Vision

Improving and empowering the economics of communities in need.

Our Mission

Building a strong business model and aiding and executing investments in infrastructure and legacy building

Our Motto

Harbingers of innovation and transportation

Making an impact to our neighborhoods

Owners of the company, who themselves were born and raised in Chicago, see themselves as collaborators and contributors, diligently working to create jobs and a variety of other useful opportunities of wealth and community building for its citizens.

Featured Services

Displayed below are a few of our exclusive professional services. Click the Explore More button to visit our complete list.


Obsidian Rising Transportation’s iconic brand is synonymous with reliable, affordable and safe transportation in and around the Chicagoland area.

Mobile Public Notary

… essential to our society. Having important life-changing documents such as wills, trusts, custody, and power of attorney (to name a few) signed by a professional licensed Notary can make life much easier. We have several Public Notary’s, some who are mobile, who are willing and able to make your legal paperwork less complicated.

Property Management

Our Property Managers will take care of the vital responsibilities of owner’s property such as screening of new tenants, maintenance, managing budgets, and inspections.

The Right Choice

With offices in the West Loop and South Shore neighborhoods, Obsidian Rising, LLC looks forward to serving the Chicagoland area and one day beyond.

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A Leader In The Industry

With our goal being to provide communities with greater resources, Obsidian Rising, LLC will strive to organize and create solutions that helps our neighbors.

  • Shuttle Services & Transportation

  • Aquatics Education

  • Mobile Online Public Notary

  • Property Management
  • Vending Machines
  • Insurance
  • Bookstore
  • Online Teaching / Tutoring
  • Web Development